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Cambridge Online Self-Study Cambridge Online Self-Study  In order to assist the Ministry of Education in its efforts to implement the Cambridge curriculum, we are interested in your progress in the online study as well as the information and support you received both leading up to, and during the course. Please complete all sections of this questionnaire.  80 9 years ago
Middle School Summit Survey 2012 Middle School Summit Survey 2012  This survey is an attempt to gather information about the Middle School Summit held in May 2012.  The information you provide will assist us in planning for next year's Middle School Summit.  We value the information that you will provide.  Click the "Respond to this survey" link above to get started.  At the end of the survey, please click the Finish button.  Thank you!  341 7 years ago
One Technology Survey One Technology Survey  We seek your help in completing this survey which will assist the Ministry of Education's IT team in its delivery of support services to schools.  0 7 years ago
Photocopier Survey Photocopier Survey  Your responses to the questions below will assist the Ministry of Education in its attempts to enter into a new leasing arrangement with a local photocopier vendor.  Click the 'Respond to this Survey link' above to get started.  Please remember to click the Finish button on completion of the survey.
Thanks very much.  
19 6 years ago
Student-Teacher Survey Student-Teacher Survey  The purpose of this survey is to enable you to give feedback to your teacher about how you feel about their class. You are required to answer every question.  To get started, click the 'Respond to this Survey' link at the top.  When finished, click the submit button to save your responses.  Thank you very much.  We value the information you will provide to us.  777 7 years ago