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 Reading Recovery & Classroom Literacy Conference 2011

Reading Recovery & Classroom Literacy Conference 2011

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 Welcome to Reading Recovery - Bermuda Ministry of Education

Bermuda Ministry of Education

In 1996–1997, the Bermuda Ministry of Education developed a comprehensive plan for implementation of Reading Recovery. The journey started when three senior officers of the Ministry of Education traveled to Auckland, New Zealand, to meet Dr. Marie Clay and the Reading Recovery trainers and get an overview of Reading Recovery in New Zealand schools. Subsequently, a Reading Recovery teacher leader from New Zealand, Isabel Montgomery, was hired to begin systemwide awareness sessions and training of Bermudian teachers. Darnell Todd-Wynn, a Bermudian educator, was selected to train in New Zealand that year as a Reading Recovery teacher leader. She continues to lead the Bermuda implementation.

Bermuda moved its affiliation of Reading Recovery from the Auckland College of Education, New Zealand (1997–2000), to Georgia State University to ensure continual professional development and support the Reading Recovery teacher leader, teachers, and school administrators.

Bermuda’s 18 government primary schools have reached full implementation. All students in need of Reading Recovery have complete access to lessons, even if transferring between schools. Over 1,370 beginning readers have had Reading Recovery lessons, and for those with a full set of lessons, 86% have successfully discontinued their lessons. In addition, more than 80 teachers have been trained in Reading Recovery.

Reading Recovery is fully funded and supported by the Bermuda government. Georgia State University continues to work closely with Bermuda through annual site visits and professional development. The recent adoption of Literacy Collaborative in 2008 will ensure even greater partnerships between teachers, and ultimately, student success.

  Bermuda hosted its first Reading Recovery and
Early Literacy Conference in September 2004.
Attending were trainers (seated, left to right)
Irene Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell, Julie Doüetil,
Floretta Thornton-Reid, and Billie Askew; (standing
left to right) teacher leader Darnell Todd-Wynn, trainers
Sue Duncan and Mary Fried.
   Marie Clay met with Reading Recovery teachers,
school administrators, and Bermuda government
ministers, including the premier, during a January
2005 visit. Shown here (left to right) are Bermuda
Minister of Cultural Affairs Dale Butler, Marie Clay,
Dr. Clifford Johnson, and Darnell Todd-Wynn.


Reading Recovery Training Sessions 2011-2012 Attachment
by Darnell Wynn
 8/29/2011 3:40 PM

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