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Portage Programme 


Welcome to the Portage Programme!

The Portage Programme is a home-based teaching programme for children ages birth to four who have special needs.  The children are taught new skills and parents/guardians are shown how to stimulate their child's overall development.

The Portage Programme is one of the services offered by the Child Development Programme.  This programme was adapted from a similar early intervention model, the Portage Project, that was originally developed in the mid 1970's in Portage, Wisconsin, U.S.A.  CDP's "Portage" service has evolved over time in response to the needs of Bermuda's families.

The Portage Programme believes that...

  • children with special needs are children first, with the same needs and rights as all children
  • all children should be encouraged to achieve their full potential
  • parents know their own children best and are the first and most important teachers of their children
  • the earliest possible intervention is the most effective

How does this Programme work?

Home intervention workers ..

  • make contact with families with children from birth to four years old who have been identified as having learning difficulties
  • informally assess the child's cognitive, motor, socialization, language, and self-help skills
  • team with parents/guardians and other relevant service providers to plan developmentally appropriate activities
  • make regular home visits
  • continually monitor and evaluate progress throughout the programme