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Verbal Intervention Programme 

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Welcome to the Verbal Interaction Programme

This programme is a voluntary researched based, family literacy programme linked to the parent child relationship.  A core belief of the programme is that parents are a child's first teacher.

The Verbal Interaction Programme, adapted from the Verbal Interacton Programme (now called the Parent Child Home Programme in the U.S.) developed by Dr. Phyllis Levenstein, is a general enrichment programme that models techniques for the parents/guardians on how to generally "talk and play" with their child.

How does this Programme work?

  • your 2-4 year old would receive twice weekly 30 minute visits during which the Parent Support Home Visitor models how to use the Verbal Interaction Stimulus Materials (VISMS) i.e. the age appropriate books and toys.  Some of the VISMS will be yours to keep whilst others will have to be returned.
  • Visits for families with children from birth - 2 yrs are once a week for twenty minutes

Benefits For You:

The Programme will:

  • increase how often you talk to your child/children
  • support and enhance the quality of your relationship with your child/children
  • show you how to improve your parenting skills

Benefits For Child:

Assist your child/children to:

  • interact with others
  • deal with their feelings
  • enhance their thinking skills
  • support their fine and gross motor skills
  • follow directions
  • increase their attention span
  • increase their vocabulary and interest in books
  • provide the foundation for your child's/children's future school success