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Welcome to the Behavior Management Programme!

  The Behaviour Management Programme is based on a  combination of approaches the core of which is a program developed by Rex L. Forehand at the University of Georgia.  Forehand designed his programme to teach parents how to modify problem behavior of their children. Parents are trained in methods, which both increase positive behavior and decrease or extinguish negative or non-compliant     behavior. 

 The programme has two distinct parts, Phase I and Phase II.

 ¨ Phase I is designed to increase the child’s positive behaviour.  It teaches the parent to be a more effective reinforcing agent for their child.  This is accomplished by teaching  parents to attend to and describe their child’s appropriate behaviour, eliminating commands, questions and criticism and to use rewards contingent upon appropriate behaviour.

¨ Phase II is designed to train parents to decrease non-compliant behaviour. 

 Parents are instructed in how to give clear directions to the child and to provide appropriate consequences for the child’s compliance or non-compliance.   



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