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Child Development Programme

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Child Development Programme

 Welcome to The Child Development Programme (CDP)

Welcome to the Child Development Programme (CDP). We are glad that you chose to visit our site.    At CDP, we serve children from birth to 4 years old and their parents. A variety of support services, including behaviour management, occupational and physical therapy and psychological services are offered free of charge to parents. Two year olds are assessed by CDP to determine whether their physical, psychological, social and emotional well-being are in target. Where there are concerns, CDP either refers the child and parent for additional support or supplies that support from within its own ranks.

It is our hope that the information provided on this site will be of benefit to you and your children.

Thanks again for visiting our site.

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 Child Development Programme


Tynes Bay House
37 Palmetto Road
Devonshire DV 05
PO Box HM 1185
Hamilton HM EX
Tel: 295-0746
Fax: 295-5051


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